Assisted Living West Palm Beach, FL: Understanding Delirium vs. Dementia

Delirium and dementia are two very unique conditions.  Many time patients can be suffering from both and their symptoms can be quite similar, however understanding the similarities and differences of each remains of paramount importance

A chronic decline of brain function that occurs alongside certain diseases like Alzheimer’s is known as Dementia. It is typically degenerative and unstoppable. An array of underlying conditions like multiple sclerosis, strokes and Parkinson’s disease can all cause this condition. The gradual cognitive impairment of language and memory associated with dementia are typically experienced over time. This is quite different from the erratic flux’s and quick development of delirium. Seniors recovering in facilities like hospitals more commonly experience delirium.
Treatment for both varies based upon the root cause of the condition. Delirium can subside by a simple switch in medications or treatment. Conversely specialized mental exercises can help dementia. Signs of either are very important and medical attention must be sought out as soon as possible.

When one experiences sudden and severe confusion coupled with quick brain function changes, Delirium is typically the culprit. It commonly appears within a few days or as fast as a few hours. The symptoms arise and disappear but typically reversible. Delirium is usually associated with physical or mental illnesses such as infections like pneumonia, urinary tract infections as well as body chemical imbalances. Recent surgery or medications, alcohol or drug abuse can also be causes of the rapid symptoms of delirium.

Delirium is commonly described by extreme personality and emotional fluctuations. Everything from disorganized thought processes, difficulty speaking or broken speech, changes in perception, decreased short term memory, altered movement or changes in awareness and alertness are usually major signs of Delirium. Seniors experiencing these symptoms can be at risk in their own home especially alone. Assisted living services in West Palm Beach can greatly assist in the care of seniors experiencing these conditions. Experienced senior care services like those offered by Always Best Care in West Palm Beach can prove to be quite helpful for seniors fighting a variety of conditions or diseases. Get the help your or a family member deserves today.