When It Comes to Elderly Care, Safety First!

As people age, its gets far more difficult to physically get around. It can be tough to watch an aging loved one struggle to maneuver around their home. Things like walking up or down stairs suddenly becomes a massive challenge. Those who watch their loved one’s physical health deteriorate are often fearful that they won’t be around all the time to prevent a fall or accident of some kind. There are preventative measures someone can take to help decrease the likely hood of a fall around the house. Home care, like the kind provided by Always Best Care is one of the best ways to ensure your elderly loved one is getting the care they need.

Cleanliness is one of the most important factors in helping to prevent a fall. Things like shoes that can pose a tripping hazard and should be placed somewhere out of the way. When things are just laying around all over the place, there is higher chance that an accident can happen. In home care providers like those at Always Best Care can help someone keep their home free from obstacles.

Outfitting the home with everything from ramps to handrails can be a very effective way to help prevent accidents. Stairs in particular should always have some sort of banister or handrail for support. Make sure that bathrooms have non-slip surfaces, particularly in the shower and just outside of it. Making sure that there is plenty of light in the home can help someone whose eyesight is starting to deteriorate. Get rid of any rugs or flooring that sticks up awkwardly. This is a great way for a senior citizen to get their foot stuck and fall.

Taking care of an elderly loved one doesn’t have to fall entirely on you and your family. Get help from the in home care professionals in West Palm Beach, FL at Always Best Care. Our dedicated care providers are specially trained and certified for excellent in home care. Call today to find out more about the amazing services offered by Always Best Care in West Palm Beach, FL.

Helping Senior Citizens Stay Sharp

As people age, their physical and mental health both begin to deteriorate. Some people may find that while their mind stays sharp, ailments like osteoporosis and arthritis make physical mobility a big challenge. Others don’t have many problems getting around, but their memory and mental clarity begin to slip. The best way to combat mental deterioration is keeping an aging mind active and engaged in the world around them. Here are a few ways to help keep an aging mind sharp from the in home care specialists at Always Best Care.

1) Socialization is one of the easiest ways to keep a mind active. Having a conversation with someone requires both memory recall and the ability to process information. These are things we take for granted when we are younger, but for the elderly, taking to friends and family is a great exercise for mental health. Even if the social interaction is very simple, it still requires an active and alert mind.

2) Puzzles and board games are fantastic ways for seniors to stay sharp. Obviously a crossword puzzle requires plenty of thought and a board game like Monopoly require planning and strategy. Studies have shown that games and puzzles with bright colors are extra stimulating to the brain. A book of brain teasers and puzzles is an excellent gift for an aging relative. Who said you couldn’t stay mentally active and have fun at the same time!

3) Making a schedule is a really great way to keep a senior citizen involved in daily life. A quick look at the schedule can give someone an event to look forward too. Anything that can keep a person from just sitting on the couch and lamenting their advanced age is great for overall mental health. Anything can be scheduled, like reading for a half hour every afternoon or attending a church service on Sundays.

In home care professionals in West Palm Beach, FL like those at Always Best Care understand that aging isn’t easy. However, it doesn’t have to mean that you lose your dignity along with your health. An elderly care provider is the best way to ensure that your loved ones are getting the care they need and deserve. Call Always Best Care today for more information about elderly care in West Palm Beach, FL.

What makes the perfect caregiver?

When it comes to in home care in West Palm Beach, FL, Always Best Care knows what it takes to be a great caregiver. Caring for the elderly in Florida is a big business, but only one company goes out of their way to find the perfect caregiver for your loved ones. Always Best Care is committed to ensuring our patients are treated with the dignity and respect they deserve. This means finding reliable, trustworthy and knowledgeable caregivers for all of our wonderful patients. Here are a few of the most valuable traits when it comes to providing in home care to the elderly in West Palm Beach, FL.

Patience: Many equate caring for the elderly with caring for a child. We find that comparison degrading because our senior citizens deserve to be treated with the same respect as any adult. While the comparison may be hollow in some aspects, childcare and elderly care both require a healthy amount of patience on the part of the caregiver. There are going to be obstacles and challenges when it comes to caring for someone else, but the caregivers at Always Best Care understand that keeping your composure is the most important thing. Being able to adapt to new challenges and make the best out of any situation is a trait we expect all of our caregivers to have.

Organization: A caregiver must keep track of every aspect of their life as well as the life of the person they are caring for. Strong organizational skills help to ensure that all medications are taken at the correct time, appointments are met and all the basic necessities of everyday life are fulfilled. Being well organized makes the process of caring for another person so much easier for everyone involved.

Compassion: It’s great to be nice, but the caregivers at Always Best Care are so much more than just nice. In order to be a successful caregiver, someone must truly care about the people they are helping. A healthy dose of compassion can go a long way in helping an elderly person retain their dignity in the face of advanced age.  An elderly person may not be as mobile or mentally sharp as they once were, so it’s important that a caregiver be understanding and compassionate all the time. For the best senior care in West Palm Beach, FL, contact Always Best Care right now!

How to Recognize Alzheimer’s Disease

There are certain challenges that come with growing old. Some are expected, like a decline in overall physical health. While moving slower might be more of an inconvenience than a serious challenge, there are ailments which can be devastating to an elderly person and their family. Alzheimer’s disease is a fairly common disease which plagues the elderly population. Alzheimer’s effects memory and can make living on their own nearly impossible for the elderly. There are certain signs to keep an eye out for if you think a loved one may be developing the early stages of Alzheimer’s. Knowing the signs means you’ll be able to act quickly and get your family member the assistance and care they need.

People are usually quick to jump on general forgetfulness as a sign of Alzheimer’s. Forgetting little things isn’t a huge problem because even young people forget about things, that’s just how life works. However, disruptive memory loss is when life is significantly interrupted as a result of forgetfulness. The line between common memory loss and more significant issues can be tough to determine because everyone is different. If a person was generally forgetful in their younger years than it should be no surprise the trend continued into their later years. A person who was not forgetful who all of a sudden seems to struggle with memory should be a red flag for any concerned family member.

For example, if an elderly person is fond of crossword puzzles, but suddenly struggles to complete them, it could be an indicator that their mental health is reaching a point where in home care in West Palm Beach is necessary. The inability to solve problems is a big indicator, but also a change in mood or demeanor could point towards early Alzheimer’s disease. Constantly struggling to remember things is frustrating so you may notice a loved one who seems more anxious or annoyed as a result.

The professional in home care providers at Always Best Care can assist with everything from general chores and errands to administering medications at the proper time and performing routine medical tests and procedures. Having an elderly care provider gives peace of mind to family and friends knowing that someone they care about is in the best possible hands. Call Always Best Care today to find out more about the benefits of an in home care provider in West Palm Beach, FL.