How to Recognize Alzheimer’s Disease

There are certain challenges that come with growing old. Some are expected, like a decline in overall physical health. While moving slower might be more of an inconvenience than a serious challenge, there are ailments which can be devastating to an elderly person and their family. Alzheimer’s disease is a fairly common disease which plagues the elderly population. Alzheimer’s effects memory and can make living on their own nearly impossible for the elderly. There are certain signs to keep an eye out for if you think a loved one may be developing the early stages of Alzheimer’s. Knowing the signs means you’ll be able to act quickly and get your family member the assistance and care they need.

People are usually quick to jump on general forgetfulness as a sign of Alzheimer’s. Forgetting little things isn’t a huge problem because even young people forget about things, that’s just how life works. However, disruptive memory loss is when life is significantly interrupted as a result of forgetfulness. The line between common memory loss and more significant issues can be tough to determine because everyone is different. If a person was generally forgetful in their younger years than it should be no surprise the trend continued into their later years. A person who was not forgetful who all of a sudden seems to struggle with memory should be a red flag for any concerned family member.

For example, if an elderly person is fond of crossword puzzles, but suddenly struggles to complete them, it could be an indicator that their mental health is reaching a point where in home care in West Palm Beach is necessary. The inability to solve problems is a big indicator, but also a change in mood or demeanor could point towards early Alzheimer’s disease. Constantly struggling to remember things is frustrating so you may notice a loved one who seems more anxious or annoyed as a result.

The professional in home care providers at Always Best Care can assist with everything from general chores and errands to administering medications at the proper time and performing routine medical tests and procedures. Having an elderly care provider gives peace of mind to family and friends knowing that someone they care about is in the best possible hands. Call Always Best Care today to find out more about the benefits of an in home care provider in West Palm Beach, FL.

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