When It Comes to Elderly Care, Safety First!

As people age, its gets far more difficult to physically get around. It can be tough to watch an aging loved one struggle to maneuver around their home. Things like walking up or down stairs suddenly becomes a massive challenge. Those who watch their loved one’s physical health deteriorate are often fearful that they won’t be around all the time to prevent a fall or accident of some kind. There are preventative measures someone can take to help decrease the likely hood of a fall around the house. Home care, like the kind provided by Always Best Care is one of the best ways to ensure your elderly loved one is getting the care they need.

Cleanliness is one of the most important factors in helping to prevent a fall. Things like shoes that can pose a tripping hazard and should be placed somewhere out of the way. When things are just laying around all over the place, there is higher chance that an accident can happen. In home care providers like those at Always Best Care can help someone keep their home free from obstacles.

Outfitting the home with everything from ramps to handrails can be a very effective way to help prevent accidents. Stairs in particular should always have some sort of banister or handrail for support. Make sure that bathrooms have non-slip surfaces, particularly in the shower and just outside of it. Making sure that there is plenty of light in the home can help someone whose eyesight is starting to deteriorate. Get rid of any rugs or flooring that sticks up awkwardly. This is a great way for a senior citizen to get their foot stuck and fall.

Taking care of an elderly loved one doesn’t have to fall entirely on you and your family. Get help from the in home care professionals in West Palm Beach, FL at Always Best Care. Our dedicated care providers are specially trained and certified for excellent in home care. Call today to find out more about the amazing services offered by Always Best Care in West Palm Beach, FL.

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