Providing Great Care Regardless of Distance

If you live hundreds, or even thousands, of miles from your elderly loved one, you may find yourself facing critical decisions about their care. Providing long-distance senior care can be difficult, especially if you feel as though your elderly loved one should relocate to be closer to family members who can take care of them. So what are you to do if your elderly loved one needs assistance but is too far away for you to help?

If you are facing a long-distance care situation, there may be several solutions to the dilemma. While deciding how to best care for your elderly loved one, keep the following in mind:

1. Relocation should be a last resort. This is particularly important if your elderly loved one owns their home. Moving can prove to be not only expensive, but emotionally difficult. While being closer to family may be in your elderly loved one’s best interest, they may feel as though they must give up their independence in the process of moving.

2. Explore home care options. Senior care professionals can provide a wide range of services to members of the elderly population. Whether your loved one needs the most basic of care or more thorough medical attention, home care professionals can help. Try calling home care organizations that are local to your elderly loved one. After speaking with them, you may have a better idea of the kind of care your loved one needs—and whether or not you will need help providing it.

3. Spreading yourself too thin will not help your elderly loved one. While you may feel as though it is your responsibility to care for your loved one, you cannot hold yourself accountable for it if you are geographically unable to provide the care they deserve. Understanding your own limitations is key in securing proper care for your elderly loved one.

Long-distance care is an obstacle that many families face. Fortunately, senior care professionals at Always Best Care West Palm Beach have been trained to provide a high quality of care to elderly individuals. With the help of a qualified senior care professional, your elderly loved one can receive the assistance they need without having to sacrifice their independent lifestyle.

Life Changing Decisions Can Be Hard

Senior care requires care givers to make difficult decisions. Across the country, home care providers face the task of making these decisions each and every day, weighing the wishes of their elderly loved ones against other factors to choose the best options for their families. Because of this responsibility, senior care provision can be a difficult task. Helen faced this task with her own parents, Dave and Erica. Both are independent, active seniors who only accepted home care because Helen pushed for it. Concerned for their safety, Helen knew that having a senior care professional around would help her parents maintain their independence without compromising their health.

The difficulty of this decision, and the opposition she first faced, made Helen realize that she and her parents should prepare for other large decisions that may arise. Preparing for life-changing decisions when providing senior care can be a challenge, but home care providers can work with seniors to make decisions that reflect their own desires. Here are some ways that senior care givers can plan for such decisions:
• Have an open, honest conversation with your elderly loved one. Understanding your senior loved one’s wishes pertaining to these decisions, such as home care, independence, and medical care, will help you in making the best choices possible.

• Do your research. Making a decision without really understanding your options can seem impossible. Explain the available options to seniors and keep their opinions in mind when coming to a decision.

• Maintain open lines of communication with doctors and, if necessary, lawyers. Your senior’s doctor may not be able to talk about specific aspects of your elderly loved one’s health, due to HIPAA regulations, but they can inform you about healthcare options. Likewise, your family’s lawyer can help answer any legal questions you may have. Dave and Erica don’t want to put their daughter in an uncomfortable position, so they have decided to speak to her about their wishes regarding medical and senior care. Helen knows that, by preparing for these decisions with her parents, she can truly help them live as they wish.

Learn About Your Past to Prepare for the Future

Always Best Care West Palm Beach believes maintaining strong ties with previous generations is important, especially as your elderly loved ones get older. Understanding where your family comes from, and sharing that past with your children, is part of creating a familial bond that spans generations. Not only is understanding your family’s past interesting, it allows you to get to know your relatives in a much more profound way. Creating a lasting family history requires you to put an effort into learning about your family’s past and maintaining its traditions in the future. Here are some easy ways that you can start to build up your family’s history:

1. Do some genealogy research. You may be surprised to learn where your family’s roots are planted. In addition to simply finding the names of your ancestors, take the time to learn more about the countries they came from, the cultures they were raised in, and the challenges they faced.

2. Talk with your elderly loved ones. There are certainly many details about the pasts of your parents or grandparents that you do not know. Schedule a time to sit down with your elderly loved ones and speak about their lives.

3. Scan all pictures into a computer. This will preserve the family’s history for generations to come.

4. Talk with your children and grandchildren about your family’s past. Sharing the details that you have discovered is the best way to build a lasting family history. While speaking with them, encourage the younger generations of your family to ask questions and do some research on their own.

5. Make a point to maintain family traditions. A rich family history is one steeped in tradition. Learn about the roots of your family’s rituals, from the decoration of a Christmas tree to the celebrations at Thanksgiving, and share these stories as you act out these traditions. This will give younger generations a better appreciation of family customs. Creating a lasting family history takes some work, but doing so will enable you to help enrich the lives of generations both young and old. By creating a bond between the generations of your family, you can help your loved ones better understand and appreciate where they come from. For the best senior care in West Palm Beach, FL, Call Always Best Care West Palm Beach today!

Building Relationships and Strengthening Families

Creating familial bonds may not always come naturally to individuals of different generations. The more of an age difference between generations of a family the more difficult it may be to build lasting relationships. Always Best Care West Palm Beach understands that building strong familial ties can be difficult; however, the professionals that provide senior care in locations across the US are aware of the fact that many of life’s most precious relationships can occur between family members of different generations. As both a parent and a child, you probably want your children to have a close relationship with your parents. This may seem difficult at first, especially if the generation gap presents a lack of understanding between your children and your parents, but there are ways to nurture the relationship between these very important people in your life—especially during the holidays.

• Keep your parents updated on the activities of your children and invite them to important events, such as school plays, soccer games, swimming competitions, ballet recitals, spelling bees, and more.

• Teach your children about your parents’ history, particularly any details that may have greatly affected their lives. For example, tell your children stories about what your parents were doing when you were growing up. From fighting in a war to hosting memorable block parties, these stories will help your children understand your parents.

• Help your kids and your parents create memories together. While sitting at home, talking or watching television, can be enjoyable, having activities, such as board games, at hand can help engage your family and build memories that they will cherish.

• Allow your children to have one on one time with your parents if possible.

Distance and the medical needs of your elderly loved ones may make this difficult, but spending time with their grandparents is important when children are building relationships. Home care professionals can help prepare elderly individuals for spending time with their loved ones. The senior care professionals in West Palm Beach at Always Best Care understand that forging lasting relationships across generations is important. Creating an environment in which your children and parents can interact and learn more about one another is as important as providing them with the time to do so. If necessary, home care professionals can help create this environment and can make these important activities happen much more smoothly.