Music Therapy for the Elderly

Music is an important part of life. From a creative standpoint, it allows people to express themselves and enjoy the talent of others. But from an emotional standpoint, music connects people to places and loved ones that they associate with a certain song or artist. The professional senior care providers at Always Best Care West Palm Beach understand that music is a powerful tool that can help elderly individuals remain connected to their past. Here are some of the therapeutic and comforting effects that the right music can have:

1. Familiar music can help elderly individuals with memory loss feel closer to their past, even if it does not help them regain their memory.

2. If it does help them recall memories, music can assist seniors in remembering their friends, family, and important events.

3. Songs that are associated with happy events or loved ones can often bring about these same emotions—even if the events took place decades ago and the loved ones are no longer present.

4. Seniors who have memory loss or Alzheimer’s disease often feel a certain disconnect with their current environment. By playing familiar music, senior care providers and other caregivers can help create a secure, happy atmosphere for elderly individuals.

Picking the Right Music Choosing the right music may be more difficult than it first seems. To help your elderly loved one feel more connected to their past, it is important that you choose music that uplifts them and recalls positive memories. For this reason, it is important to talk to your senior about their favorite songs, favorite artists, and the memories that these tunes and bands bring up. Talking about music will do more than just help you pick out the best songs for your elderly loved one to enjoy. During these discussions, you can build your relationship and learn more about your senior’s life. Songs that they danced to at prom, music from their favorite movies, and artists that inspired them to play instruments or sing can all bring up anecdotes that you may not know. Always Best Care West Palm Beach understands that home care services can sometimes be difficult to provide. Its senior care professionals often utilize the power of music to create a positive, secure environment for seniors.

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