How to Keep Your Elderly Folks Safe During Hurricane Season

The top forecasters of Colorado State University have predicted that this year’s hurricane season will feature nine tropical storms and just three of becoming hurricanes. That is a fairly quiet hurricane season prediction. Nonetheless, it is important to have your elderly parents safe regardless of whether there are heavy rainfalls or when there is a severe tropical storm or hurricane. You want to make sure that your senior family members are taking good care of.

When a hurricane or powerful tropical storm come over South Florida, West Palm Beach is one of the cities that gets hit pretty hard. There are floods, power outages, and possible debris all over the place. Here are some great tips for preparing for a hurricane, power outage, or other emergency to help keep your elderly family members safe:

  • Keep two or three flashlights in areas in their home that are easy for them to reach. You can put one on their nightstand, another one on the kitchen counter, and another one near their living room area.
  • Keep a pack of batteries in their drawers. Your elderly parents will need to find the batteries for their flashlights or radio, especially if there is no power.
  • Keep at least one to two weeks’ worth of medication on-hand or in their medicine cabinets. If there is an emergency, they will need their medication for sure.
  • Watch out for any hazardous areas, where there is a possibility the seniors may trip or fall. Worn carpeting, bent throw rugs, or cluttered spaces can be harmful for the elders. The hallways, walkways, and stairways need to be clear so that they can move around easily.
  • Have an emergency plan set before a major disaster or an emergency occurs. Create a plan for a family member or friend to reach you and advise you of anything that may occur to your elderly parents.

These are all safety precautions that you should take for your elderly folks or other elderly family members. They will definitely help during this hurricane season. Another great suggestion you may want to consider is getting senior home care services from an organization like Always Best Care Senior Services in West Palm Beach. Always Best Care is an organization that offers great non-medical in-home care to seniors and the elderly. This is one of the South Florida’s top home health care agencies. Always Best Care also helps families with assisted living placement services. A staff member can go to your folks’ home and help them with anything they may need help with like taking their medicine, getting some exercise, or doing some daily chores. If you are interested in any of Always Best Care’s elderly care home services, call their West Palm Beach location at (561) 463-0390.

Girls Softball Team Runs to Help an Elderly Couple

Elderly seniors are sometimes seen on at bus stops or at supermarkets. If they are still able to walk and move by themselves, you will see them outside or in stores. Well, here is a story that you may find very touching.

On March 31st of this year, an elderly couple was spotted in Hialeah by the Hialeah High School girls’ softball team. During a game practice, the girls witnessed an elderly couple get hit by a wayward construction trailer as they waited at a bus stop near the school’s softball field. According to Carlos Espinosa, the Hialeah Fire Captain, “the impact destroyed the bus bench. In fact, we didn’t know that was a bus bench there until we saw pieces of it.”

So how did the girls react to this tragic event? The girls ran to go help the elderly couple. They pulled away a chain link fence that was on top of one of the victims. Then, they let the paramedics on scene finish their job. Team member Natasha Brito said, “We just started lifting the fence. The woman was bleeding a lot and the man ended up on top of the trailer. It was a crazy scene out there.” Another team member by the name of Anicia Johnson stated that the girls’ softball team were in the outfield when one of her teammates saw the crash take place.

On May 30, the entire Hialeah High School girls’ softball team was recognized for their act of kindness and help by the Hialeah Mayor Carlos Hernandez and the Hialeah Fire Department. They received the Good Samaritan Award and metals for their quick thinking. The paramedics believe that these girls literally saved the elderly couples’ lives.

It’s always important to think quickly and intelligently when the something unexpected happens. You may not have an experience like this where you will save an elderly couple after they are hit by a construction trailer, but you may experience something else. If you have elderly parents or grandparents who live with you, you may feel bad having to see them struggle as they move from one room to another or pick up clothes from the washer. Sure, you help them when you can. However, you may feel worried about them as you are working at your job. You want your family to do the things they want to do and feel comfortable. You want them to get the assistance they need while you are working or out of the house.

Always Best Care Senior Services in West Palm Beach, FL can help you and your family. They offer care for the elderly. They provide in home care. Always Best Care puts the needs of seniors before their own. Some of the home services they can give your elderly family members include the following:

  • Medication management
  • Grooming
  • Monitor diet and eating
  • Escort for shopping, errands, and appointments
  • And much more!

Call Always Best Care Senior Services in West Palm Beach today at (561) 463-0390 to speak to a representative who can give you further information on how you can get their services. You will be helping your senior loved ones just as the Hialeah High School girls’ softball team helped the elderly couple. Reach out and save a life today!