More Baby Boomers Need In Home Care in West Palm Beach


West Palm Beach is growing older. Like most of the country, the Baby Boom Generation will soon make up the largest senior population the nation has ever seen. There are currently 78 million Americans born between 1946 and 1964. As many of them approach retirement, they will continue to have a major influence on the nation’s health care industry. But who will care for the growing elderly population? In home care is becoming an increasingly popular choice for seniors in West Palm Beach.

In addition to making up the largest elderly population ever seen, Baby Boomers will also live at least two years longer than their parents. This creates an even greater strain on today’s government programs, such as Medicare and Medicaid. Because people are now living longer than ever before, more will need long-term care. Now is the perfect time for boomers to purchase long term health care, which is most affordable before retirement. Unfortunately, not many are taking advantage. For example, only 10 percent of Americans in their 40s have secured an insurance plan. If this trend continues, more future seniors will be unprepared for the costs of aging, while Medicaid and Medicare are expected to be depleted in the near future.

The lifestyle of many Baby Boomers in West Palm Beach represents a major change from senior citizens of previous generations. Baby Boomers tend to be more independent. Nearly one-third current boomer retirees are working in some sort of capacity. There is a greater tendency for them to remain independent in their own homes, which will only increase the demand for in-home care. It also creates a greater need for caregivers who can help with daily activities, such as cooking and bathing. Due to their independent nature, boomers also tend to be more tech savvy. Many are proficient at using computers as well as assisted-living cameras.

But the problem remains of not enough Baby Boomers purchasing long-term health care. Because health care premiums will increase with age, it’s essential for seniors to purchase comprehensive health care as soon as possible. Unfortunately, only 13 percent of people ages 25-70 are currently enrolled in long-term care and only 23 percent say they plan to purchase it.

The compassionate professionals at Always Best Care Senior Services understand the growing demand for senior care in West Palm Beach. For more than 13 years, has established a proven track record for providing assisted living placement services, home care services, Alzheimer’s care and skilled care for seniors. To learn more call (561) 463-0390 and discover the advantages of in home care in West Palm Beach.