3 Ways to get your parents into assisted living in West Palm Beach, FL

It’s that time, your parents aren’t where they should be in health and their daily tasks have probably began to become harder for them to handle than before. It can be a difficult time for you when you realize that they need senior care and it may even be harder on them then you think. They went from caring for you to the other way around and some parents won’t accept assisted living. Here are 5 ways to get your parents into assisted living in West Palm Beach, FL! 

#1 Your parents should come to their own conclusions about getting care 

The thing we all forget at times is that yes they are our parents but we may forget that just because they are having difficulties in their every day life it doesn’t mean they aren’t adults. As adults the last thing we want is to have a decision made for us. That’s why it’s important to get your parents to come to their own conclusions. You should make them feel that it’s their own decision to go into assisted living. You can say all the good things that come with assisted living and point out that they are going to making all the decisions, you are there for support and nothing more. Try and remember that they are the ones who will be living in assisted living not you. When they feel they are in control of their decisions you will find this process to be much smoother.  

#2 Communication comes a long way 

As you already know your parents have done a lot of teachings throughout your life and many of those lessons involve communicating with them your worries and fears because well, parents know what’s best. Just because they are no longer able to do what they were able to before doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t communicate with them because you don’t want them to worry. Instead of saying “You have to get help, you have to” you will find it to be less responsive than “I’m really worried about you guys, I’m concerned about you both.” You will be surprised what your parents will do for you if you share with them your worries and fears. Be honest, you don’t like seeing them suffer and not taking care of themselves, after sharing your serious concerns you should see your parents make a 360 and say yes to getting help. Communicating will make everything run smoother because parents tend to hide things so they don’t scare their children. They see you as a child and don’t want you to worry about their well being and that’s why they haven’t mentioned getting help in the first place, so by showing them that you are genuinely concerned about them it will truly make all the difference! 

#3 You should visit Always Best Care with your parents 

The next thing you should do is make your parents feel comfortable in an assisted living center like Always Best Care. You can take them around to other centers but we already know they will love our center the best. Here at Always Best Care, we have been around since 1996 and have become the nations leading non-medical Assisted Living Placement Services company. We have great passion for helping our elderly clients maintaining safe yet independent and dignified lifestyles. We believe that all our clients should feel important and independent because many other facilities lack in this area and just because they can’t care for themselves like they once could it doesn’t mean they need to have their dignity stolen. Give us a call today for a free consultation and we will show you why we will be the best choice for your parents  (561) 463-0390!

Looking for Senior Living Communities in West Palm Beach, FL?

When it comes to looking for senior living communities in West Palm Beach, FL, you want to make sure that you are going with the best community for yourself or for your parents. Look no further, Always Best Care you can guarantee that you or your parents have the best experience and the best care possible! Here is why we say we are the best! 

Why choose Always Best Care? 

We are not your typical care center. We cater to the needs and wishes of both our seniors and their families. Our marvelous staff exceed all expectations and go the extra mile just to make our seniors smile and laugh! Each and every one of our seniors are extra important and extra special. We offer care for seniors who have mobility problems, have major health concerns, have mental health concerns, and for seniors who have a specific disease such as Alzheimer’s or Dementia. Out of all other facilities in the country we offer the best emergency response system! If you are worried of whether or not you or your loved ones will be receiving the best care they deserve you can put all those worries to sleep because here at Always Best Care, we truly care and have a passion to make our seniors happy but yet very connected with their families! 

Our services for all of our seniors to feel all around comfortable  

When it comes to getting the best services for you or your loved ones we are number one. We offer many services to help our seniors go along their regular life as they would at home. The following are services we offer for them: 

  • We try our very hardest to keep all our seniors entertained by participating in board games and card games. Our caregivers love to stimulate our seniors by becoming a companion and sparking up conversations.  
  • Our caregivers help our seniors with whatever they need help with to get their day started. They assist with bathing, they help pick out clothing as well as assist them getting dressed.  
  • We provide healthy meals throughout the day to accommodate our seniors in our communities. 
  • We also provide housekeeping for our seniors who can’t or doesn’t have the energy for chores. 
  • & Many more other services! 

Choose Always Best Care for your Aging Relatives! 

Choosing us will mean you are making the best decision for your parents, many times we think as children of our parents are making the right decision but let your parents take a look around, we know they will fall in love and want to move in the next day! If you want a free consultation feel free to give us a call and we will show you why we are the premier senior services specialists (561) 463-0390!