The Difference Between Home Health Care and Home Care in West Palm Beach, FL

Are you considering to get some outside help for your everyday activities? Throughout your research you may have come across different types of care and wondered what the difference between home health care and home care in West Palm Beach, FL is. Don’t worry the experts at Always Best Care are here to help you differentiate the two!  

What is home health care?  

Home health care is usually prescribed as part of a care plan if you have been hospitalized and need health care help at home. For home health care you can expect to get regular visits from our nursing professionals to provide exceptional clinical care. All of our nurses here are fully licenses, bonded, and insured so you can put your mind at ease about your safety at home. Some of the home health care services include therapy, medical tests, wound care, administration of medications, and other nursing services. 

When you should choose home health care 

There are several occasions where it would make sense to choose home health care than home care and one of them is following hospitalization or rehabilitation. If you have received a new prescription it makes sense to choose home health care just for your safety and to monitor your side effects. Another time it makes sense to choose home health care is if you need to partake in therapy to regain your independence.  

What is home care? 

If you choose home care you will be assigned a home care aid to help you with everyday activities that you can no longer do without help. Unlike home health care, home care is non-medical and is a way to let you live independently at home while receiving care to make your life more comfortable. 

What to expect when you choose home care 

You can expect safe care from our care providers who have passed a thorough criminal background check and are bonded as well as insured. The difference between home health care and home care is that your home care aid is more than just a care provider, they are your companion. You can expect them to help you do a number of things around your home such as watering your house plants and shop for groceries. Your aid can help you be on top of your medications and help you to eat, groom, and dress. 

You can count on us! 

Whether you choose home health care or home care you can trust us at Always Best Care to provide you with the best aid possible. Our name is Always Best Care for no reason, we are completely committed to providing the best care for all of our seniors. Take the first step with us and meet with a Care Coordinator for a free personal consultation to discuss your needs and create a care plan specific for you! 

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